Hand Made Counter

Local woodworker Braun Meriwether has been creating for us a hand made counter for the checkout at the new store. We met at French Broad Brew Fest this fall, sitting by the campfire and talking about counter ideas and Braun’s passion for creating interesting custom pieces.

Of course the top of the counter is almost entirely what it’s all about. We wanted to use something that would have character and be line with Rhetorical Factory’s mission. Braun waited until some recycled wood was available and has recently begun. The top is made of lumber from one of the oldest barns around, it used to stand in Sandy Mush.

For the inner workings of the store, the inner workings of the counter play a big part also. We are thinking through every aspect of what this counter could be needed for, and creatively making use of the insides...


This masterpiece is going to be a wonderful centerpiece for the whole space. Beautiful and functional, with a story and lots of local love. We are so grateful for the resources and talent available!

If you are interested in hiring Braun to do some amazing custom work I would highly recommend it. Contact Us and we will pass it on!

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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