Make a Change

The only thing constant is change. It's what makes life alive.

A few days and planes bring about this spirit of excitement and wonder and love. The new year puts into our minds the idea that we can change.

Try to hold on to this feeling.

1) Change the color scheme from red and green to rainbow, so it matches your spring and summer, and carry it with you through out the year!

2) Remember People are what matter most. Throughout the seasons. The bank teller, your mom, the homeless.

3) Reflection and resolutions can happen at the end of every day, not just every year.

4) Magic and spirit are all around us all the time, each moon rise and set is a miracle and should be celebrated.

5) There is much to be thankful for. Especially first-world problems.

Take advantage of this tiny crack in the whole nation’s attitude to make a change for the better. This could mean anything, from what’s for dinner to who’s up for promotion, what’s for sale and where it’s made and if we really need it. What is stagnant and needs to be shaken up? 

If you’re not in a position to call the shots, then ask the questions.

My neighbor Betsy of Smiling Eye Studios and myself this December...

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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