Response Ability

“Response Ability” Who has the ability to respond has the responsibility.

A Little Word about the shift to Sustainable Business


Businesses are the communicators, the responders to the needs of the consumer, citizen.

When a person supports a business they are transferring their energy into the economy, and it is the duty of the business to honor that contribution with a valuable, sustainable exchange.

At every level businesses should be the tools of the consumers, giving their followers integrity in exchange for the hard work their dollars provide.

Everyone involved in business and society has the right to integrity.

Since we we work for money and use money to sustain ourselves, our energy of life is in the money we earn and spend. If this valuable life is earned or spent in a way not in harmony with the environment socially and physically, then it becomes a drain on everything around it leading to increased suffering on infinite levels.


You have a Voice. Use it.


People have risked it all that you may have a voice.


Love is a verb. Act on it.


Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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