Product of the 60s

We recently had the honor of being a part of the Product of the 60s Fashion Show, which was a fundraiser for Asheville Affiliates. In addition to Rhetorical Factory, the show featured retro designs from Asheville fashion designers and stores Charles Josef, Kristina Benshoff, Royal Peasantry, Simone Bernhard, The Costume Shoppe, Aurora Moulin Designs, Hip Replacements and Honeypot. It was so fun seeing the throwback looks that everyone put together.

Before the show, we had a great time holding a "mods vs. rockers" shoot with photographer Morgan Ford, a long time friend of the Factory. Stay tuned for her photos!

We are thankful for the models who rocked the fun vintage outfits we put together for the show!

Ami Whoa
Ami Whoa


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