Festivals 2014

Welcome to Spring 2014!


Festival Season is Back!

As a company, we've grown up on the festival scene and vow to continue even as we set down roots in West Asheville. It's always a blast to see people in that community arts environment, with music in the background, wind in the trees and the sun shining high in the sky! It's my personal favorite way to turn folks on to our mission at Rhetorical Factory, and I've witnessed many an inspiring conversation bubbling up at these events, where people are celebrating the joy of living, and are open to new points of view.


Here is the Line Up so far, Stay Tuned for more Official Updates....

Earth Day April 19th

French Broad River Fest May 2-4

Bonnaroo June 12-15th

Art in the Park June 21th

Little Montford Festival June 22nd

Wild Goose Festival June 26th-29th

We plan to have Eddie Cabbage of Asheville Poetry back this year, so start scheming your Poetry on Demand prompts! Instant Poems make a great gift.

It's that vibrant fun energy that I hope to infuse the store with- so remember to pop in and keep us bubbling with fun and philosophy!


Thanks for checking in!



Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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