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Each screen print has a story behind it. I actually take a photograph of the object I want to represent, and I require that it have sentimental value. The theme for the prints has been "simple mechanics", tools objects and concepts that are essential to our culture and civilization.

The Mason Jar has got to be one of the most simple illustrations of this.

The way jars found their way into my heart was through their usability. As a broke artist food was something I never wanted to waste, and I didn't have the interest in buying fancy dishware, so I saved all my salsa and jelly jars and used them over and over again to carry water. The Ball Mason jar is the most beautiful illustration of this concept which to me symbolizes preservation and survival.
In Appalachia the mason jar carries a particularly symbolic weight for moonshiners and canners alike. It has been said that the mason jar could be at least partially accredited with the survival of the mountain folks. A simple honest invention we can no longer live without. 


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Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams




April 17, 2014

Good for nuts and bolts, granola, salsa, buttons, legumes, bits and bobs in the studios, and drinking vessels at our house!

So funny to me that they have been ‘in’ for the last three years or so, when they’ve been ‘in’ my whole life. >:o)

I like that you have strictures of sentimentality and simple mechanics on your work. That’s a pretty apt distillation of how it feels, to me, to be a Southerner. I enjoyed reading this.

Eddie Cabbage
Eddie Cabbage

April 12, 2014

Nice article. The mason jar is a stable of Asheville and Appalachia. I have seen them used for everything from coffee mugs to bathroom fixtures. I am currently using one myself as a tip jar for my Poetry On Demand….recycled from a moonshine container

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