8" Nipple and Two Elbows

I never realized that plumbing technology was so anatomical. For that matter I never thought opening a store would take a year!

C'est la vie!

I decided to hire Michael Smith of Michael Smith Shibori to help me come up with the rack design for the store, since he has been traveling to shows and make absolutely amazing died garments for 20 years! Michael is a man of many talents, plumbing and welding being one, and he has guided myself and Phil Cheney in the ways of Pipes as Racks!

I'm really lucky, proud, and thrilled to have had so many great people's input. Mark your calender for April 29th for our Grand Opening Party and get your invitation HERE.


Thank YOU!



Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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April 18, 2014

All your time and energy spent investing in it will make you cherish it all the more! So happy for you! I’m making a trip up in August and I’ll definitely be swinging by! xoxo

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