Low Prices

I’m inspired to write today after going to Goodwill and seeing that they are selling massive amounts of new clothes. It was tempting to buy those clothes but I had a sneaking feeling. I’ve always justified buying second hand, so often from Goodwill. After considering it I could tell these clothes had to have been overproduced by Target and purchased by Goodwill. Now I wonder where our money and donations are really going.

I love the title of the documentary about Wal Mart: “The High Cost of Low Prices”. The phrase sums up the problem with an industry so conglomerated it isn’t exposed to true risk. In other words: Monopoly. Control of production and media and no competition.

Paying for a shirt that is only $2 supports this system, it validates it. You are vicariously employing all of the people that brought it to you:
The sales clerk
The transporter
The production team
The designer
The farmer who grew the fibers
The offspring of each of these people.
Do you think $2 or even $7 would go toward supporting a sustainable lifestyle for any of them?
Then we see the bank accounts of the people in charge of all this and remember that they expect a profit as well.


There is no such thing as a “deal”

Not when it comes to our one world and opportunity for life. Everything in this civilized world is hand made by someone somewhere, made from the raw materials available on this planet. To buy it for less than it is worth is to vote in favor of slavery, indebted servitude and a cycle of bad vibes.

Spend your time, energy and money thoughtfully and generously and you as well as later generations will receive the same.


Question Everything!


Update 9/10/2014

The feeling that Goodwill was buying the brand new clothes was only a hunch. If Robin was right, Target would still be getting a tax write-off for their donations which is a problem in and of itself but it seems I was correct in my initial assumption. Here's a photo a took last time I was there... It seems Goodwill is giving up the "good" part of what they do for our world....


Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams




July 04, 2014

Goodwill doesn’t buy Target’s leftovers, Target donates them.


June 18, 2014

All of the men in my family are white men, this is true.

N Adams
N Adams

June 10, 2014

Your father and uncle are white men.


June 08, 2014

short n’ sweet,you ought to do freelance writin’ on the side…………….when u got xtra time…………..

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