GaLoobe de Jamune: Enchanted King of HOONs!

GaLoobe de Jamune is the Enchanted King of All HOONs.

His name is derived from a mispronunciation, by my Ultra-Creative Friend, Jason Krekel, of the delightful Indian Dessert, Gulab Jamun (deep-fried dumplings of evaporated milk, dipped in sweet syrup). The HOONs are tiny Woodland Creatures Who live in the Forest of Endless Anon, quite far away from here. They were once very Famous Vaudevillian Performers but the Limelight proved to be too bright and They moved to the forest to escape the hubbub. GaLoobe’s Nepalese cousin LooLab de Mahone was appointed as the Nepalese Ambassador to Suriname in the Caribbean but after several years in that position, He went Native and wandered off into the Hills. As the HOONs began to multiply, seemingly appearing out of thin air, their tiny Huts growing in number on the forest floor, where bubbles of yellow-green light popped on and off in the gentle breeze, the charismatic GaLoobe de Jamune, who spent most of His time ordering flowers for All the Lovely Daughters of Farmers and Peasants in the Hills and Valleys surrounding their forest home, was awarded the highest title of King, and has dutifully held that position to this day, having long-since gone Native. Interestingly enough, one of the favorite desserts of the HOONs, whose full name is the HOONs of Yore, is Gulab Jamun topped with pistachio sprinkles. They also enjoy Tiramisu, an Italian layered dessert. 

The HOONs’ Ancestral Home, like many of Us in this part of the World, was far away, across the Sea and high in the misty Mountains, which separate Europe and Asia. They traveled on currents of air, in vessels that floated and with an amazing amount of luck, landed on the East Coast of what We now call North America. GaLoobe de Jamune has been featured in many of my paintings and drawings and even a cover of a Weekly Newspaper. He is now available again in a new painting, entitled “GaLoobe de Jamune: Enchanted King of All HOONs” which will hang at Rhetorical Factory in West Asheville (444 Haywood Road). The HOONs have appeared out of my dreams, each one with a found-object head, such as a tribal mask or a face appearing in the shadows, attached to a stuffed animal body, or sometimes a bird or even an insect body. They are often dancing and making BIG Parties. They hardly ever let themselves be seen and are depicted mainly in my paintings and described inside the Lore (that’s L.O.R.E., by the way). GaLoobe’s personal lighter-than-air device is a simple canoe, or gondola, sometimes seen as electric blue, is shown here in the daylight as simple, wood-colored brown. He is wearing his Royal Tunic with the HeArt Emblem on his chest, love and compassion exuding from Him in all directions, as He floats before a glowing orb. Painted in Acrylic on a REclaimed piece of wood and framed in Gold!

Phil Cheney
Phil Cheney


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