Question Everything

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

And to say nothing. Like a muscle unflexed will lose strength and disappear, so our individual and collective voices will cease to be part of the conversation guiding the world if we don't speak up.

Questions, especially the rhetorical ones, are the one step we can take toward changing this world that doesn't put up a border between two sides. Asking a question is a neutral expression of one's own voice that also draws in the listener.

When used correctly, a question can make an otherwise defensive situation neutralized and open to change. Even when a question isn't second-guessing, just asking for information, it encourages a second thought on the matter it covers.

When answered defensively a spark will go off, suggesting there could be more under the surface that needs to be brought to light.

For every earth shattering idea there was first a question "What if we did this differently?"

In this world where we could really all take to the streets in protest for more than one dear cause, many of us chose to or must keep up with the day to day grind that in some way adds to the pain of the world, and hopefully in many cases also relieves it. Even though we are part of a system, we don't have to give it our personal power. We can continue to think for ourselves and ignore the media, and we can ALL, of all ages ask questions.


Question your friends- do they recycle? What do you think about protest? Is hand made worth more if it happens in America? Would you pay more for ethically made clothing if given the choice?

Question your superiors- Is your job what you thought it would be? What do like about delegating? What makes your job the toughest? Have you had to make any tough decisions lately? Have you ever had to put family or finances ahead of integrity?

Question business owners- Have you considered re-usable to go containers? Why did you start a business? Are there any changes your industry needs to make? Where do you get your inventory? Do you know how much all the people this business employs directly and indirectly gets paid? Are there any areas of your business where a higher price would afford more integrity?

Question Sales Clerks- Where are these made? How much do the people involved get paid? What is it made out of? It is safe for people to be working with these materials? Will this stand the test of time? Have you tried it? What do you think about the integrity of this company?

Question yourself- am I doing all I can to help, not hurt my immediate and distant community? Am I accepting answers I don't understand? Am I refusing to question something because I know the answer and fear it?


This is consciousness. Think for yourself and inspire the seizures of change toward a positive future by questioning everything.


Love Always


Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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