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For some reason Rhetorical Factory has been referred to by me as "recycled fashion" and hardly ever "upcycled fashion". In this niche industry of re purposed fashion, there is often a lack of terminology, actual words that describe what we do. It takes a conversation and lots of eye contact to turn someone on to the idea of "upcycled". I think that is why I never took on the term, because people know what recycled means and people want to recycle, right? Plus the RE goes with so much re-invent, re-imagine, rhe-torical....
Well as it turns out, I have a feeling, people don't want their fashion to be recycled, unless they already know what upcycling is. Most people, and most people don't know about upcycling, refer to recycled fashion as "consignment".
My friend Alice gifted her 12 year old niece a Rhetorical Factory bike t shirt and when she went to explain, her niece interrupted saying with a finger point "Oh I know, this is UPcycled! I love upcycling."
So why would I shun this term any longer? It obviously works!
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Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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