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I can totally believe it has been a year since we opened. Every day has blossomed in it's own way, teaching me so much. I must say, compared to the year before it felt like the longest year of my life. Not in a bad way at all.
Rhetorical Factory is just about the perfect place for me to create art and process all these awesome clothes. It has become so through extra efforts on top of running the store. My friend Phil Cheney has been a big part of that, helping me build the space in a way that works for it's purpose. We work a little at a time.

With the experience of the past 11 months behind RF and I, I feel sure we can top it with the next rotation! We now have a pretty great selection of ethically produced items from companies other than Rhetorical Factory. With Spring clothing just about fully stocked, I can get into some new creations and organizations....

Spring is Springing!

Even though at this moment it is cold as can be, there is no denying the direction we are headed.


Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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