The Sun is not Yellow, it's Chicken

It's a sad day when our news all sounds the same. When no news is good news. It's sad when all news isn't news, it's psychobabble meant to stir us up.

We can burn Korans, and divide our communities. We can talk about it (without even doing it) and divide the world. I want you to think about the nature of what you are hearing, and think about what it does to the way you think.

Debacle over a proposed action is not news. Action is news. We can see a difference between news and propaganda by deciding whether what they are talking about is an appeal to our rationality, or our emotions.

An act as despicable and hateful has no place in our consciousness, so forget you even heard about it. The best way to stay united on a global scale is to ignore the Ugly and support each other with trust in a Human Family.

It's easier to destroy than to create. Empower the cowards.

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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