So I finally started a facebook page. why did it take me so long?

1) real friends feel connected without real life connection: It bothered me for awhile that I could know what was going on in a friend's life without them knowing... and visa versa.

2) i felt like my profile didn't reflect the real me: I never put time into updating my pictures and events, so every time I logged on it reminded me of something on my to-do list I had left unchecked

3) it made me less social: holing up in my factory is easy and enjoyable, every now and then when I craved social interaction I would log on to facebook and I think it tricked me out of calling up someone to hang out.

4) ego: i struggle with ego in myself and in others, and facebook is 101% about ego.

Why am I back?

1) ego: it's hard for me to embrace my need for attention and success. I feel it should come from the outside, without my calling it in. But the fact is this: attention and success are byproducts of a life that is true. I shouldn't need to go against the norm or deny myself the right to my self just to set a precedent or have "integrity". A true leader can follow the crowd and so the first step to me overcoming any qualms I have with owning my shit is to own my shit and start somewhere.

2) people: there are plenty of people who I want in my life but can't stay in touch with as much as i desire, facebook makes it easier.

At what price?

Fear of Selling Out...... Artist's die when they don't sell out. I don't want to work for someone else using my creative energy, but I do want to work for myself. My Self does still need food and a roof and good times now and then, so she has to sell out a little.

Not updating every day.... when in the "Zone" I can't comprehend the internet or outside possibilities, so I'm not going to feel obligated to update with every little detail of my life. Facebook is a tool, I am not a tool for facebook.

Selectivity.... I didn't go back to my old profile because there was just too much to wade through. Only people who can make my life better will know me through facebook.

There's a rant for ya!

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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