Good Things

I've been really crazy busy, I worked for fifteen hours one day last week, and probably at least eight every other day. At some point during planning for festivals I became completely obsessed. I have been thinking about Rhetorical Factory all day, even in my dreams I'm working things out.

(making my banner late-night Friday)

(new prints!)

I have this overwhelming feeling of elation! I have more time to get more things done, because I have hired our first employee.

Meet Kylie! She is a really talented lady, so I feel honored and inspired having her around. She does really intricate hand sewing, unicycles, tans hides, and is learning to spin fire! She completely redid this dress she is wearing, just this morning it was the ugliest thing I had laying around and now I think it's one of the cutest!

Working on this Merch that Matters project is also compelling. Katie is in here right now printing the bags for handmade bike bells before I sew them up. Make sure to check out Ben Sollee when he comes to town on June 23rd, I bet he is coming to a town near you if you don't live in Asheville. I got a chance to meet him last week and see him perform at the LAB and the Dry Goods Shop merch party. He is a really talented and entertaining performer with a great staff, Check. Him. Out!!!

All Go West festival was so much fun! There were two stages with live music all day, beer from highland and pisgah brewery, and local crafters! A lot of people showed up, it was a really sunny day.

We combined our efforts with Critter and his feathered earrings.

Thanks to everyone who bought something at our booth! You are supporting something great.

With the extra work, success at the festival, and a great new employee, I have allowed myself to start dreaming again. I have this vision for Rhetorical Factory, its a tool for artists and the community. We will educate about methods of production and supply a solution, use materials instead of letting them go to waste, work creatively which is great for our souls, and artists who work here will learn how to run a business without having to take the risks involved in learning the hard way.

So it seems my dreams are coming true! Please stay tuned, many more great things are on the way.  As many new ideas as possible answers to a rhetorical question.



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