Black Mountain

It's been a sunny blustery day in Black Mountain

Ander (of tangle) brought me along while she works at Black Mountain Yarn Shop and in a matter of minutes I'll join in on a knitting class she is teaching! Cable knitting to be exact.

The four hours I had to kill died quickly and painlessly. I stopped in at Head to Toe where I've got some of my scrappy cuffs and arm warmers for sale. We schemed up a few exciting project ideas for this spring and summer. I don't want to spill the beans before their boiled, but think hair wear and waist accessories....

I've been meaning to go to Acoustic Corner to pick up some rosin for my viola. I've taken an interest in old-time music lately, I'd love to be able to jam traditional style and maybe even hop up on the stage at Jack of the Wood on a wednesday or thursday evening (if I can learn enough tunes to merit free beer, I'll consider it a worthy investment). So I stopped in to check out what they had in the way of song books, I expect to pick up  a fiddle-for-viola songbook in the next couple weeks. Hopefully I'll have some new wears for Head to Toe by then and I can kill multiple birds with one stone.

Yep it's been a fine day, I really started to feel cozy in this town at the sight of my buddy Michael unicycling outside the dripolator.





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