The weather is getting hot and it brings me memories of last summer. Back when everything here at the factory was a foggy idea made up of potential more than anything else. Ideas fell on me like rain no matter which direction I turned, visions for all sorts of gift-able ideas including bags and jewelry, I had a sewing machine and plenty of clothing projects, a camera and editing software along with thousands of pictures from all over. I had songs in my head and dreams of community, yarn in every color and some knitting projects to finish. There was knowledge to find, some money saved up. I had the support from my close friends and family back in Idaho.

I had a name, and I had confidence that I was following my path.

Now, almost a year later, I can see what I couldn't then. I am looking at a business with an almost tangible identity. There is a purpose, and people who stand behind it.

There is a beautiful space where creativity comes naturally, events passed and coming up, inspired customers and followers, and a great inventory of one of a kind wearable art!!

I am thankful.

French Broad River Fest was a blast!


Big Love rocked too!

Catch us at Montford Music and Arts Festival Saturday May 21st and that evening at the Artist's Bazaar @ Emerald Lounge 9:00 pm

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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