February and March

Here in Asheville, February is having an identity crisis.

Word on the street is, he's having this issue in other places as well. Come on, man, you don't have to be July. Sure he's popular, pretty much making people everywhere want to take their clothes off. But Feb, when you come around we expect to see you. Embrace Winter. We folks who have chosen to live where your climate can shine appreciate your true personality. Sure the occasional sunny day is not too off-base, but what we love about you is the way you snow us in, get us out of prior engagements, let us feel good about being inside all day. I'm just saying- that snow a few days ago made me miss the times we used to have. And oh, January, don't think you're off the hook!

So this month we had our first adventures in the Grove Arcade Portico Market.

At the booth I am featuring a little bit of everything. Clothing, accessories, and fun new items. So come out some time to get gear directly from us! Our inventory will be changing all the time, but this is your best chance to find what it is you're looking for before we deliver it to the stores!

It's really fun to set up when everything is all ready to go. No booth to drag around, just a clean sturdy table waiting for some adornment. There are always really great other vendors, too. Selling soap, instruments, paintings, jewelry, there is even another recycled artist who makes adorable monsters! Oh yes, and you can expect to see Billie the Singer working away as well.

now accepting credit cards

I hope you had a good Valentine's Day! It doesn't really matter which side of the fence you are on: love is what we are. It's beautiful that we can share it with one another. And we shoulWe have a spring fashion show with the Circle coming up in March! Mark your calendars because St. Patty's day is the Get Lucky Fashion Festival March 17th down the road from the Circle at 312 Haywood Road probably about 7 o'clock!





Stay tuned, we are taking the "slow" season to plan some really great stuff: A loyalty program, a newsletter, and all the festivals we can cram into one year!

(Suggestions should be emailed to rhetoricalfactory@gmail.com.)




Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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