Major Consipiracy

You may or may not know about this.
There is a conspiracy going on.
I’ll tell you a little story.
See, some time ago there were two lovers. They were made for each other! They complimented one another and brought out each others' strengths. Whenever they stood side by side, crowds of people turned their head’s and dropped their jaws because they looked so good.
They were Red, and Green.
Now there were a few other couples trying to rival this union, because their beauty made them jealous. Eventually they came to the conclusion that they just couldn’t compete. Orange and Blue along with Yellow and Purple came up with an evil scheme to tarnish Red and Green’s reputation. Through a series of connections with royalty, Purple was able to get in touch with Father Christmas, who, just as it so happens wasn’t very pleased with Red and Green’s love affair either. In all of his glory and power, he agreed to claim the two colors as belonging to one day only.
Red and green from then on were banished to the Christmas Season and only during those twelve days could they be together.
News of this decree spread quickly throughout the land, and pretty soon when Red and Green went out together, all the other colors and villagers would point and laugh saying mean things like “I didn’t know Christmas was moved to July!” and “Ho Ho Ho!”
As much as they tried to resist, the couple grew apart. Red spends Valentine’s Day alone eating herself into a chocolate coma, and Green wakes up early on St. Patrick’s day to drown himself in beer. Each Christmas season the reunion just makes them sadder, and sadder....

So you see! This conspiracy is real, and it must be stopped! Help Rhetorical Factory bring Red and Green back together! Think of your bright red love for this green earth and wear the colors proudly!!


  to help us on this mission!

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Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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