Wholesale Road Trip

We are taking it out of town!! This weekend we will be hanging it up style with the Doo Nanny Festival in Seale, Alabama and taking the loooong way home.

Here are the cities we plan on checking out, and hopefully finding awesome, hip stores to share Rhetorical Factory with! Please let me  know if you have any connections you'd be willing to share in these places, as well as favorite stores or neighborhoods.

(Owner Bethany Adams rhetoricalfactory@gmail.com)

The Rhetorical Recycled Revolution...

Columbus, GA

Atlanta, GA

Decatur, GA

Athens, GA

August, GA

Columbia, SC

Florence, SC

Wilmington, NC

Raleigh, NC

Durham, NC

Chapel Hill, NC

Greensboro, NC

Winston-Salem, NC

Charlotte, NC

Hickory, NC

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