Whoopdee Doo Nanny!

Oh Boy I had so much fun at the Doo Nanny Festival.

To tell the truth I did not know what to expect, I had my hopes set at a reasonable level and cruised on down to Alabama at 5:00 AM on Friday. It was a sleepy morning and by the time I arrived I was already in a daze. After setting up my booth I took a wonderful hammock nap and three hours later strolled down to see what the doo was all about. All I can say is the daze continued, and now that it has subsided I'd love to have it back.

A wonderful group of the most inspiring people get together every year to share their love for art in every form. There was a dedicated crew of artists who worked hard to make it what it was; charmed. Ingenious structures, found objects, folk art and whimsical dispositions set the tone for a weekend of fun!

Entertainment and lots of music (I am surprised the Screaming J's can keep their fingers from going on strike I think they played for longer than is humanly possible...they must be mutants!!) Then there were the people from all over who came out to see what we were up to, they proved to be great supporters! Sales were great, and the crowd was super genuine and of course friendly. I cannot wait until next year!!

Now I'm in Little Five Points, Atlanta Georgia, which I have heard so much about. It's buzzing! Tons of cute vintage shops and colorful boutiques, great coffee and sweet funky folks. I'll let you know what store to look for Rhetorical Factory in, got some good feelings for sure!

I might hit up "Cabbage Town" and the West Side as well as Decatur, GA today, and then it's off to Athens!
Feel free to point me in the right direction! https://www.facebook.com/RhetoricalFactorySince2010

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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