The Way of the Future

So far April has been just dandy. We left the Doo-Nanny on a roll, stopped off in Atlanta to do a little shopping and get some inspiration, then arrived back in Asheville with Spring in our eyes and a growing To-Do list.

The Doo-Nanny art festival is a world all it’s own, and it rejuvenated me greatly to be there again. I have literally been dreaming about it from the I first went last year, and have about 8 of 15 nights since. Not because it’s the craziest party with the trendiest bands, not for any reasons that can be explained only after dark. It’s what happens in the daylight for several weeks before and after the Doo that gets into my psyche. It gets under my skin because it’s the way of the future as well as the very distant past. Community. And Art. And Simplicity. These two completely human, universal qualities that each person carries around inside are expressed and given priority there- and for many it is an every day occurrence. A lifestyle.

My background did not put me where I am in my life, or to the Doo. Eye did. Making the decision to follow my passions and risk everything for my heart brought me there and here. I want you to be inspired by the magic being cultivated through the priorities of Art, Community and Simplicity. And I want you to bring a little into your own life as well as the lives of the people you adore.

I believe the truth can be found through following those 3 principles:

Simplicity -
How many ingredients are there? How much does it need to be justified? What’s the story - drama or simplicity?

Community -
Who is it good for me, her or everyone? Being selfless can be a wonderful method for looking out for ourselves - because when you think of the greater good you make an investment that helps everyone - and everyone is your foundation.

Art -
Art is the pinnacle. It’s a continually fresh connection life itself. Without it we are so lost - going through the motions without landmarks of expression. At every moment we should add some art to what we do a tiny change in the way we say something, a painting on the back of a stop sign, creative architecture and one of a kind recycled clothing... where ever you can make your art mark please, do. It’s a language of simplicity and community that helps us express what even we cannot understand. And despite what you’ve been lead to believe there are no standards and you are an Artist.

Remember, the Doo is in YOU. Find it there first.

Recycled Fashion in the Woods Recycled Fashion in the Woods

The Bugle Amazing Trading Amazing TradingGreat friend, Inspired Art maker feeler doer extraordinaire c.m.l.

Great friend, Inspired Art maker feeler doer extraordinaire c.m.l.

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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