In the Flux

It is often that I find myself with so many opportunities and inspiration I begin to worry. A fear of missing out leaves me scrambling after pieces when what I need is grace and strength of conviction to move through each action mindfully. To simply Enjoy! One great outlet in my life is babysitting: I learn so much from the earnestness of children, when they sleep I get time to sit and think things through, and I can afford it. Right now that's where I am, these words came out and then the list I carry in my heart and head.

Maybe you can relate: My life is all one. It should be balanced within itself to satisfy and inspire me so that I may satisfy and inspire the world.

Bethany Adams of Rhetorical Factory ThoughtsIf the world, or myself, were always satisfied then there would be no life or need to express inspiration. So, I will always be in pursuit of balance and must find peace within that chaos. Still I strive to learn, to become more efficient, to experience people and success. It is not my face, name or achievements that define this life I claim. It is what I choose within the flux, how I face my fears, how I face your fears. Each coming moment is an opportunity to live. Each action or inaction a complete expression of a life evolving. So I won't settle on the past with my could-have-done-betters, nor in the future with my list of to-dos. I will rise to the call of the present and offer it my best interpretation. Again and again. Honestly and actively until rest and approval. There is no failure but inaction.
Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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