Making it Happen

At Rhetorical Factory, we treasure the community of artists and makers and other fine souls who collaborate with us and support us. We wanted to take a moment to mention two of these people who have contributed their talents to our vision recently. We appreciate them so.

As we prepared for our Lease Signing Party, it was important to us that our invitations reflected our vision and values. Betsy from The Smiling Eye studio (our neighbor in Riverview Station) helped us hand print the invitations, so that each one was unique.


Another talented friend, Keen Zero, recently installed tiles (including our logo!) in front of our flagship store space at 444 Haywood Road. As you may know, masterful tile saw skills cutting curves is especially challenging. He did some amazing work. We are so thrilled! We're also pleased that we were able to get the tiles from WNC Ceramic Tile, a great company in Asheville.

As we move forward with preparing to open the store, we will continue to showcase our wonderful community.



Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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