Confused? Me too.

It was a long slow process leading to the decision to close the Rhetorical Factory Flagship store. At first all I knew was that I didn't want my vision and hard work to go toward making my landlords money leaving me stressed out whether I had earned enough or not. On the surface they are nice guys but when it comes to business they will pull all kinds of tricks to get what they are after. I understand them and I don't blame them for being a product of the system they are trying to succeed in. I just take a little pleasure in pointing out the truth. I'm not a fan of it, but then that's why I'm not there any more. If I was still there I wouldn't have much to complain about, would I? Most people don't realize that just opening the store in the first place was like winning a war. 

After finding a great place to move close to but out of town I gave myself time. A year of No Expectations. I didn't know if maybe I would continue selling clothes, make other things, open another store, sell the brand or what.

The more space I got the more I realized that the clothing didn't hold passion for me any more. I felt like more of a salesman than an artist. I decided I would rather live the life of a true artist which to me means spending days creating something out of every opportunity. It also means being free and knowing that the universe has a much more exciting plan for me than I could create. I let the question mark take over, and that's where I still am!

This year I invested myself in curiosity. I spent a lot of time with plants, learning their unique personalities and values and how to make medicine with them. I got way into fermentation and have several colonies of various types I love to share. I played a lot more music, specifically Old Time. For work I have been incredibly honored in helping to raise a baby human. She was only a month when we met, and now she is one! I've spent some time consulting with artists, business and individuals and helping them with specific projects or just solving problems. I took over 6 weeks off over the year to visit family and friends. Seeing my family means traveling so I bet you can imagine how long it had been since that happened! 

 I've been able to slow the pace of life back down and get a little perspective. I'm really lucky to have some great working gigs, beautiful people in my life, and all these experiences. Now that 2016 is over I feel the call again, to something. To the unknown. 

As usual.


Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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