Don't Cut Bluff

It takes action all over the place to consciously decide what our future becomes. Voting and campaigning is just one way to use our energy to make change, or resist it.

Three years ago the state of North Carolina tried to sell the wilderness in the Bluff Mountain Area and the community rallied to protect it. It worked, and birthed the Bluff Mountain Music Festival and later the Arts Council.

I know some of this because as I set out to write this article a woman came into the shop looking for a mason jar t shirt and noticed the stickers I have sitting out stating "Don't Cut Bluff". She noted she remembered those, like they were something old fashioned and I had the opportunity to share the article Elizabeth Sauls shared with Phil Cheney who printed the bumper stickers and shared them with me about the current need for action again.

So it goes with this era, we have to sculpt it ourselves again and again and prevent backward steps from being taken.

Let's protect Bluff Mountain! Again! Spread the word!

Send comments to: US Forest Service at

Please use "Don't Cut Bluff" at beginning or end

Lots of wilderness would be broken forever including Native Brook Trout, endangered Salamanders, and 11 Pillizted Woodpeckers, If the land was clear cut for short-term gain.




Tangential Asides

Tangential Asides.
This was the spark for our fashion show at the Mothlight last Thursday. 



The artist and collaborator Phil Cheney and I have been adding extra art to clothing at Rhetorical Factory. It’s part of this next phase of recycling clothes that gets to spring out of our process here- there are many items that don’t make the cut to be straight cleaned and printed on and we file them away.
Scraps of clothes we’ve used for other things are also “filed away”
This has become a steep collection of textile scrap for the future art of Rhetorical Factory, something I’ve been preparing for since the beginning.

So, because of our zero-waste commitment we are thrilled to now be bringing you this line of intensely original garments embellished with shapes, colors, themes, and words. I’ve released several new art screen prints and Phil Cheney has pulled several of his own from the vaults and also made some new arts for the line.

“Tangential Asides” clothing pieces come in several Levels based on how much we do to any given piece.  There is a constant stream of newly modified clothing flowing between the studio and the store, leveling up all the while. Each garment is documented making it a collectible work of art.

We encourage hand washing and cherishing of each item to maintain it’s value.

Level One pieces are $39.00 Level Two are $45 and Level Three are $59

This is the over arching structure, with exceptions for exceptional pieces.

Right now we have a special on Tanks with one of the New Prints for only $25...

Come see what we’ve been up to!

love from me to you-




GaLoobe de Jamune: Enchanted King of HOONs!

GaLoobe de Jamune is the Enchanted King of All HOONs.

His name is derived from a mispronunciation, by my Ultra-Creative Friend, Jason Krekel, of the delightful Indian Dessert, Gulab Jamun (deep-fried dumplings of evaporated milk, dipped in sweet syrup). The HOONs are tiny Woodland Creatures Who live in the Forest of Endless Anon, quite far away from here. They were once very Famous Vaudevillian Performers but the Limelight proved to be too bright and They moved to the forest to escape the hubbub. GaLoobe’s Nepalese cousin LooLab de Mahone was appointed as the Nepalese Ambassador to Suriname in the Caribbean but after several years in that position, He went Native and wandered off into the Hills. As the HOONs began to multiply, seemingly appearing out of thin air, their tiny Huts growing in number on the forest floor, where bubbles of yellow-green light popped on and off in the gentle breeze, the charismatic GaLoobe de Jamune, who spent most of His time ordering flowers for All the Lovely Daughters of Farmers and Peasants in the Hills and Valleys surrounding their forest home, was awarded the highest title of King, and has dutifully held that position to this day, having long-since gone Native. Interestingly enough, one of the favorite desserts of the HOONs, whose full name is the HOONs of Yore, is Gulab Jamun topped with pistachio sprinkles. They also enjoy Tiramisu, an Italian layered dessert. 

The HOONs’ Ancestral Home, like many of Us in this part of the World, was far away, across the Sea and high in the misty Mountains, which separate Europe and Asia. They traveled on currents of air, in vessels that floated and with an amazing amount of luck, landed on the East Coast of what We now call North America. GaLoobe de Jamune has been featured in many of my paintings and drawings and even a cover of a Weekly Newspaper. He is now available again in a new painting, entitled “GaLoobe de Jamune: Enchanted King of All HOONs” which will hang at Rhetorical Factory in West Asheville (444 Haywood Road). The HOONs have appeared out of my dreams, each one with a found-object head, such as a tribal mask or a face appearing in the shadows, attached to a stuffed animal body, or sometimes a bird or even an insect body. They are often dancing and making BIG Parties. They hardly ever let themselves be seen and are depicted mainly in my paintings and described inside the Lore (that’s L.O.R.E., by the way). GaLoobe’s personal lighter-than-air device is a simple canoe, or gondola, sometimes seen as electric blue, is shown here in the daylight as simple, wood-colored brown. He is wearing his Royal Tunic with the HeArt Emblem on his chest, love and compassion exuding from Him in all directions, as He floats before a glowing orb. Painted in Acrylic on a REclaimed piece of wood and framed in Gold!

We Opened!


I'm still relishing the magic of the changes that have transpired over the last fourteen days.

From a ragged shell to a beautiful shell took a year, but from a beautiful shell to a beautiful store took less than the blink of an eye!

The racks by Phil Cheney turned out just spectacular. I think they are really clean, sturdy and simple. They make the perfect foundation for the clothes to stand out. I'm SO thankful for Phil Cheney. He really helped usher in the Dream.

We had a ribbon cutting celebration on opening day, and it was remarkable. So many wonderful community members and neighbors came over to shop and celebrate with us. My Aunt Judi even made it into town for this momentous day!


I regret not having more time to invite more of our followers to that party. I know every one sees our updates in a variety of formats and I'm not sure how meticulous I was in those last days when it came to spreading the word.

But what I realized that night as I lay in bed literally laughing myself to sleep... Tomorrow we start again! And the day after that, as well as the day after that and so on. From limbo to opening to perpetual business is a catapult I can enjoy, and celebrate from 11-7 plus random bonus hours for as long as this really awesome train can keep on!

So please join us in the store. We have a lot to offer and we want to know what you want to see. Even if you're just curious or have a compelling topic of conversation to offer- come in! Ever since the construction, Rhetorical Factory has been a place to find what you didn't even know you were looking for. From new style to a new friend, we're an open ended book of question marks and exclamation points.



December 02, 2013


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Free Shipping!

We are happy to announce that we are offering FREE SHIPPING for any orders placed during December. Simply use the offer code ONEOFAKIND when you check out. It's our way of saying thank you for supporting our mission. Here at Rhetorical Factory we are proud to offer a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Our Sincerely One of a Kind Recycled Clothing not only looks and feels good, it is GOOD.

We know that wearing and sharing clothes with art and heart and purpose is important to you, and we can't wait to mail you your order!
November 07, 2013


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We couldn't be happier to present to you the new Rhetorical Factory website! Please take a look around and let us know what you think.

As we pursue our mission to recycle clothes, inspire questioning and be 100% good, we want to be able to reach as many people as possible. We realized that a new and improved website/online store is one way we can to do that. That led us to this shiny new site.

Our team has put a lot of love and time into this project. We've also had a lot of support. We'd like to thank Michael Smith of Michael Smith Shibori for sharing his studio space with us so we could get nice photos of our sincerely one of a kind clothes. And what can we say to our wonderful models except: YOU ROCK! We are so grateful to have a supportive community that believes in sustainable recycled fashion.

We will be adding A LOT more clothing to this site in the coming weeks. Thank you for your interest!

recycled fashion from asheville


Flagship Store Announced!

On Friday, July 19th we signed the lease at the best location in the world for Rhetorical Factory's flagship recycled clothing store: 444 Haywood Road Asheville, NC 28806

What does this mean for the future of Rhetorical Factory? Everything.

With more space for production and prime retail exposure we will be infinitely more capable to serve our customers. Recycling more clothes than ever before. The cozy factory where it stands now at Riverview Station has been the perfect incubator for this dream to flourish. At this point most of the commerce has happened at local festivals, with our selection limited to what we can fit in a booth and in the studio. We plan to continue the involvement with art and music shows of all types, inviting those people we meet, as well as all members of our community, to visit us in a more weather-proof setting. With the store in front and expanded studio in the back we will also be better equipped to supply our current and future retailers all over the country.


Renovations will take place over the course of the rest of the year, with an opening date to be determined! While we work to make everything perfect, studio hours will remain "Tuesday thru Friday 11-4 plus random bonus hours"  in addition to some great upcoming festivals: the Big Love September 15th and the Little Flea the last Saturday of every month.

The store is set to be a place for questioning and meeting, for shopping sustainably and waking up. Music and hospitality will be central to our atmosphere- so much like the festivals we participate in. Each day of the week will have a special feature: Mending Mondays for example! Vinyl playlists, coffee and tea, objects and people of wonder will all find a home in the already such nested West Asheville.

Soon we will be celebrating this announcement at Altamont Brewery - please email us your snail mail address to receive your invitation!


April 10, 2011


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Let's go!

Spring is springing and I have been busy!!

My camera is getting cleaned and fixed after the last six years of heavy labor, so unfortunately I cannot grace you with pictures at this time.... there are some finished belts and some new headbands you'll just have to check out in person at Head to Toe in Black Mountain!

Coming up this week there will be some hot new items at Elementality, so look out for that! We will also be getting started on a project for cello player, Ben Sollee. They are making an effort to make all of his merchandise available at shows more sustainable and artful. As part of this "merch that matters" project, the Factory has been hired to make rosin bags out of recycled material! Hand crafted rosin will also be made, as well as some other great stuff like bike bells. It's been real inspiring to work with these people who are changing the music industry. They often do full tours on bike, and unite with biking initiatives local to the towns where they play. At the end of this week they have organized a community event at the Dry Goods Shop in West Asheville to create more art for their tour coming up in May.

I'll surely be there!