Home in the Mountains

On a rainy morning
the fog rolls in
and stays
rain drips
and rolls down gullies
into yards roads rivers and streams

The views
millions of eyeballs
have seen

Oceans of mountains
Thick with our dreams
memories, and ways of getting by

the Oldest shapes
carving a Home
into my heart.

A pathway into my Life.


One of a kind and custom pieces comprise this 828isgreat Collection.

All garments pictured have sold, email bethany@rhetoricalfactory.com for yours!

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Greening, Tablecloths, and Jack Johnson's To The Sea

Musician (and eco-warrior) Jack Johnson had a whole heap of misprinted, mis-sized, and otherwise unsellable t-shirts. Jack Johnson also needed over a dozen large tablecloths. Then, because the world works in mysterious and beautiful ways, Bethany and the rest of us at Rhetorical Factory ended up with two giant boxes of Jack Johnson tour t-shirts, and have been tasked with making them into fifteen fitted tablecloths.

Fitted tablecloths, incidentally, are not like fitted sheets- an assumption that turned out to be quite incorrect. They are much larger, spanning not only the width and length of an eight foot folding table, but also the height turning this project into A BIG PROJECT.


Jack Johnson's ethos consists of a lot of efforts geared toward everything from tour greening to non-profit partners like All At Once, community groups and charitable foundations like Plastic Ocean Project, Inc and his own The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. With large practices in place that support sustainability like eliminating the use of single-use plastics and powering much of his touring entourage with biodiesal, down to small measures like encouraging carpooling to shows and providing eco-friendly concert merch, the Jack Johnson team vision really hits home for us here at Rhetorical Factory.

So in an effort to help out a new friend, we're busting out some upcycled (our speciatly!) tablecloths in the studio. Cutting, fitting, sewing, ironing, more fitting and sewing, late nights, early  mornings, the help and support of some good friends, and several learning experiences along the way, we're nearly there...


We're on a mission to be 100% Good, and it feels great to help out some others with the same vision along the way...


For more information on Jack Johnson's sustainability supporting practices, visit the tour greening section of his website.

October 31, 2013


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Custom Halloween Costume!

This Halloween, Rhetorical Factory had the opportunity to make a bunny costume out of recycled materials for James Adams. For this costume, I used a blanket and sweatshirt, zipper from a skirt, foam wire and elastic and my awesome sewing machine Billie!
Trick or Treat!
September 23, 2013


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Leaf Dress


As I mentioned in my last post, Dayna Reggero hired me to make her a wedding dress out of leaves. I wanted to share with you my process...

I used only recycled fabric for the base, beginning with a simple cotton dress that Dayna was willing to sacrifice, I installed a zipper in the back, a donated bathing suit strapless top and some layers of satin, tulle and lace with an opening in the front.

After that I started with the big leaves on the bottom, working my way up and layering several different types of tropical, bright green, alive, beautiful leaves.

Wanting the dress to be fresh and vibrant for the wedding, I started applying the leaves the night before the ceremony, finishing at 9:30 am.



It was a beautiful way to spend the night and I felt as though the time was sacred. Creating something so representative of a person, for such an important ceremony was a huge honor. An experience I truly value.

Speaking for myself (B) I have to tell you that working in the studio is one of my favorite things to do.

Becoming completely immersed in an artistic vision and trajectory is what I live for! Rhetorical Factory has emerged through this process. It is an outlet for my creativity and has brought me many wonderful opportunities.

As a maker, I am striving for these chances to work on something solid. Coming up is a custom bunny suit for Halloween, and another pair of T-Shirt re-invention dresses! 

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