Don't Cut Bluff

It takes action all over the place to consciously decide what our future becomes. Voting and campaigning is just one way to use our energy to make change, or resist it.

Three years ago the state of North Carolina tried to sell the wilderness in the Bluff Mountain Area and the community rallied to protect it. It worked, and birthed the Bluff Mountain Music Festival and later the Arts Council.

I know some of this because as I set out to write this article a woman came into the shop looking for a mason jar t shirt and noticed the stickers I have sitting out stating "Don't Cut Bluff". She noted she remembered those, like they were something old fashioned and I had the opportunity to share the article Elizabeth Sauls shared with Phil Cheney who printed the bumper stickers and shared them with me about the current need for action again.

So it goes with this era, we have to sculpt it ourselves again and again and prevent backward steps from being taken.

Let's protect Bluff Mountain! Again! Spread the word!

Send comments to: US Forest Service at

Please use "Don't Cut Bluff" at beginning or end

Lots of wilderness would be broken forever including Native Brook Trout, endangered Salamanders, and 11 Pillizted Woodpeckers, If the land was clear cut for short-term gain.




July 18, 2014


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Lately, I have been working on consistently perusing Instagram to find similar brands and like minded people who would be into what we do at Rhetorical Factory, and likewise inspire our perspective. What I've found is really amazing, there so many artists and entrepreneurs who care about making the world better through business. That's the dream!

The cool thing about facebook, instagram, twitter and all those modes of communication is that in the end it's real people on the other side. Sure- if you're only going for hype you can find thousands of shallow connections and fake profiles, but when you really want to be involved in a conversation it takes only a little time to get in touch with people on the same page.

So is the story with Bethany Tran from The Root Collective.

I've been looking for ethically made shoes ever since I found out how hard they are to find, and through the hashtag #ethicalfashion I landed on these awesome shoes made in Guatamala!

I had a good feeling even before talking to Bethany about selling these shoes at Rhetorical Factory, but once we started exchanging emails I was even more fired up. She cares about all the same things; bringing value to the work of artisans globally, allowing customers to connect to the difference that money can make as it changes hands.

Slowly but surely we are giving people the opportunity to invest in a better situation for people all over the world- a global economy that nourishes people with good intentions. It's better than putting money into salaries at a non profit- it puts money into the economy and makes the competition about Quality and Integrity not the Lowest Price.




Try them on at Rhetorical Factory 444 Haywood Rd Asheville NC 28806
Starting Today!


And look online too at



Model Faye Foley is a dream- like her on Facebook

And check out our blog Next Friday about the new line for the Re Fashion Show... can't wait to show you the results of some creative work.


Greening, Tablecloths, and Jack Johnson's To The Sea

Musician (and eco-warrior) Jack Johnson had a whole heap of misprinted, mis-sized, and otherwise unsellable t-shirts. Jack Johnson also needed over a dozen large tablecloths. Then, because the world works in mysterious and beautiful ways, Bethany and the rest of us at Rhetorical Factory ended up with two giant boxes of Jack Johnson tour t-shirts, and have been tasked with making them into fifteen fitted tablecloths.

Fitted tablecloths, incidentally, are not like fitted sheets- an assumption that turned out to be quite incorrect. They are much larger, spanning not only the width and length of an eight foot folding table, but also the height turning this project into A BIG PROJECT.


Jack Johnson's ethos consists of a lot of efforts geared toward everything from tour greening to non-profit partners like All At Once, community groups and charitable foundations like Plastic Ocean Project, Inc and his own The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. With large practices in place that support sustainability like eliminating the use of single-use plastics and powering much of his touring entourage with biodiesal, down to small measures like encouraging carpooling to shows and providing eco-friendly concert merch, the Jack Johnson team vision really hits home for us here at Rhetorical Factory.

So in an effort to help out a new friend, we're busting out some upcycled (our speciatly!) tablecloths in the studio. Cutting, fitting, sewing, ironing, more fitting and sewing, late nights, early  mornings, the help and support of some good friends, and several learning experiences along the way, we're nearly there...


We're on a mission to be 100% Good, and it feels great to help out some others with the same vision along the way...


For more information on Jack Johnson's sustainability supporting practices, visit the tour greening section of his website.

April 25, 2014

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There are still  a few minutes of Friday left to tell you about this magical time!

Quite a number of wise women have compared this time with the rebirth of Rhetorical Factory as similar to a pregnancy and child birth, and I would have to nod in agreement. There is a love and pure creative energy toward this being which has been brewing in my heart and mind!

Today we moved the studio furniture in, and it feels so right.

Phil worked on more pipe racks, which are epic and amazing. Simple, beautiful, oh my gosh.


I got some more art in that I can't wait to display, and figured out a little fung shway! Hey!





March 17, 2014


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Keeping it Real with Ralph

Working on our first ever Flagship store is such an Adventure!

Right from the beginning we knew that we only wanted to support sustainable, small, local and near contractors and artists to work on our space. This way every dollar has a fighting chance of staying in our community, and supporting like minded pursuits. It has been very rewarding to get to know every individual putting their time and skill into making the store operational and beautiful.

Our most recent arts addition came from the one Ralph A. Frank Jr. in the form of a hand painted sign and windows. Ralph has been hand painting signs (the old school way) for around 40 years. He is one of the most humble and positive souls I have had the pleasure of knowing, and I'm really glad Rhetorical Factory gets to benefit from his work.

Check out some pictures I took of the time he was here working....

Thanks for Checking In, can't wait to see you This Spring!


March 07, 2014


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Product of the 60s

We recently had the honor of being a part of the Product of the 60s Fashion Show, which was a fundraiser for Asheville Affiliates. In addition to Rhetorical Factory, the show featured retro designs from Asheville fashion designers and stores Charles Josef, Kristina Benshoff, Royal Peasantry, Simone Bernhard, The Costume Shoppe, Aurora Moulin Designs, Hip Replacements and Honeypot. It was so fun seeing the throwback looks that everyone put together.

Before the show, we had a great time holding a "mods vs. rockers" shoot with photographer Morgan Ford, a long time friend of the Factory. Stay tuned for her photos!

We are thankful for the models who rocked the fun vintage outfits we put together for the show!

November 17, 2010


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somebody's FABULOUS!

Thanks so much to Sharon and Leslie and everyone from TRASH inc. Their first annual Trashion Show was a great success! It was so much fun to see what other amazing designers are doing with recycled materials. I think Asheville is gonna LEAD the CHARGE in an awesome consumer revolution

Check out the article and full gallery in the Mountain Xpress!

I was lucky enough to have some really studly models wear Rhetorical Factory down the runway! Thank you so much guys you looked awesome!



October 05, 2010


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Website Bonanza


I am getting ready to  launch some new fall clothing products at Hip Replacements in Downtown Asheville, and I've also been working on my website, which will be groovy and live Wednesday.

So, go to my etsy ( and check out all my new listings,

come see me at the West Asheville Second Saturday Art Market!

Come visit my studio anytime I'll be working on new inventory, and would be happy to help you see which style suits you best.  Have a great fall!

September 18, 2010


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