October 28, 2014


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Pick Your Print

It's the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one this season- an upcycled piece of clothing made just for you!


We have a huge selection of unprinted items in stock, from t shirts to jackets to brand new hoodies.

The best way to start your piece is to email me at bethany@rhetoricalfactory dot com and tell me what type of garment you want (style, color and size) and what sort of art you want on it.
You can choose between direct prints or patches and applique! I can also add phrases, words and letters priced per letter.

Start Brainstorming!



October 10, 2014


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Leg Warmers

These leg warmers are really fun to make. I developed the perfect size topper for most calves, made from soft organic cotton and spandex, and attached to the bottom part of a sleeve. The sleeves come from sweaters and turtlenecks- which I use for tank tops and vests!
These legwarmers are truly warm, come in a variety of colors and textures and can only be found at Rhetorical Factory!





Home in the Mountains

On a rainy morning
the fog rolls in
and stays
rain drips
and rolls down gullies
into yards roads rivers and streams

The views
millions of eyeballs
have seen

Oceans of mountains
Thick with our dreams
memories, and ways of getting by

the Oldest shapes
carving a Home
into my heart.

A pathway into my Life.


One of a kind and custom pieces comprise this 828isgreat Collection.

All garments pictured have sold, email bethany@rhetoricalfactory.com for yours!

Dresses $72

Hoodies $62

Shirts $42




September 05, 2014


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West Asheville Photo Blog


Featured Collection: Sansa Belts

Model: Bailey Townley

Photography and Design: Bethany Adams


August 29, 2014


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New Earrings!

Wooden Earrings made in Poland

Our world exists naturally without borders. I feel lucky to consider all earthlings neighbors, so while I support and uphold the value of shopping locally, I also believe in supporting sustainable and artistic enterprises around the world. Especially small ones!

These beautiful earrings are made by hand in Poland. They are just natural wood cut from sticks with and without bark. Very simple and elegant, reminding us of the epic and accessible beauty all around us.

They are made with surgical steel or sterling silver posts, and also come as a pendant.



Tangential Asides

Tangential Asides.
This was the spark for our fashion show at the Mothlight last Thursday. 



The artist and collaborator Phil Cheney and I have been adding extra art to clothing at Rhetorical Factory. It’s part of this next phase of recycling clothes that gets to spring out of our process here- there are many items that don’t make the cut to be straight cleaned and printed on and we file them away.
Scraps of clothes we’ve used for other things are also “filed away”
This has become a steep collection of textile scrap for the future art of Rhetorical Factory, something I’ve been preparing for since the beginning.

So, because of our zero-waste commitment we are thrilled to now be bringing you this line of intensely original garments embellished with shapes, colors, themes, and words. I’ve released several new art screen prints and Phil Cheney has pulled several of his own from the vaults and also made some new arts for the line.

“Tangential Asides” clothing pieces come in several Levels based on how much we do to any given piece.  There is a constant stream of newly modified clothing flowing between the studio and the store, leveling up all the while. Each garment is documented making it a collectible work of art.

We encourage hand washing and cherishing of each item to maintain it’s value.

Level One pieces are $39.00 Level Two are $45 and Level Three are $59

This is the over arching structure, with exceptions for exceptional pieces.

Right now we have a special on Tanks with one of the New Prints for only $25...

Come see what we’ve been up to!

love from me to you-