October 24, 2014

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LEAF Festival

I had a great time attending Lake Eden Arts Festival this beautiful fall.

Phil Cheney was invited to perform live painting, and I was lucky to take up the offer to attend as a guest!

He had a well crafted setup, and luckily several golf carts helped us out here and there.

Phil invited me to paint some as well. I made the rookie mistake of starting with a blank canvas...















But I really like what came out:


Light Don!!


We listened to some beautiful music while painting, my favorites were  Les Cafetaras, The Revelers and Shannon Whitworth


Shannon and a friend

It's always wonderful to be around community. This festival is so clearly dear. Like a ittle utopia that is really happening.







Greening, Tablecloths, and Jack Johnson's To The Sea

Musician (and eco-warrior) Jack Johnson had a whole heap of misprinted, mis-sized, and otherwise unsellable t-shirts. Jack Johnson also needed over a dozen large tablecloths. Then, because the world works in mysterious and beautiful ways, Bethany and the rest of us at Rhetorical Factory ended up with two giant boxes of Jack Johnson tour t-shirts, and have been tasked with making them into fifteen fitted tablecloths.

Fitted tablecloths, incidentally, are not like fitted sheets- an assumption that turned out to be quite incorrect. They are much larger, spanning not only the width and length of an eight foot folding table, but also the height turning this project into A BIG PROJECT.


Jack Johnson's ethos consists of a lot of efforts geared toward everything from tour greening to non-profit partners like All At Once, community groups and charitable foundations like Plastic Ocean Project, Inc and his own The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. With large practices in place that support sustainability like eliminating the use of single-use plastics and powering much of his touring entourage with biodiesal, down to small measures like encouraging carpooling to shows and providing eco-friendly concert merch, the Jack Johnson team vision really hits home for us here at Rhetorical Factory.

So in an effort to help out a new friend, we're busting out some upcycled (our speciatly!) tablecloths in the studio. Cutting, fitting, sewing, ironing, more fitting and sewing, late nights, early  mornings, the help and support of some good friends, and several learning experiences along the way, we're nearly there...


We're on a mission to be 100% Good, and it feels great to help out some others with the same vision along the way...


For more information on Jack Johnson's sustainability supporting practices, visit the tour greening section of his website.

June 03, 2013


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Chicago Town

In May Rhetorical Factory had the pleasure of participating in Green Festival in Chicago. I had never been in a full on indoor show before, nor one that specifically focused on environmentally friendly businesses. It was great to be around a crowd of people outside of Asheville who were all interested in learning how to take responsibility for our impact.
Bethany in Chicagotrain station chicagoChicago is a big city. I rode the train in from the suburbs every morning, watching the buildings get bigger and closer together from my upper level window seat. When I first stepped outside of the station I could feel the pulse of the city quicken my own. It reminded me of this fascinating radio lab episode.

I set off in a direction immediately, not thinking about what was right, just that I should move. Needless to say I made about a 2 square block detour. Looking up at the buildings never ceased to wow me. Infrastructure is amazing. chicago street

At the show that weekend I had the opportunity to have several enlightened conversations with thoughtful attendees. Many had been to the festival since it’s first year! One of my favorite things to have a conversation about was of course the current status of the garment industry and where it could go. Someone recommended to me a book called Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion which explains the issues at hand. It’s reaffirmed our desire to help people value their clothes as art instead of throwing it away. Really all clothes are hand made. We shouldn’t buy so many articles of cheap new clothes, we should trade and invest in high quality.

Rhetorical Factory Green Festival Booth

Since everything in the world is recycled, no matter created or destroyed, I think people can adapt to the idea that the clothes we already have are a commodity in themselves. Even organic cotton companies produce waste and have a huge impact. How about we edge away from clothing production and towards re-production. I recommend the aforementioned book. Seriously consider saving your money and our resources by avoiding new clothes made overseas.


On my last day I decided to go to Wicker Park.

I thought it was beautiful in details and very urban. It came highly recommended as one of the most hipster neighborhoods in the country. Indeed it was! Even the street walkers had some intense style. I was really inspired by this coffee shop called Filter on Milwalkee Ave. The patterns and colors on vintage sofas made a very accessible layout. I wanted to stay and hang!Ross at KoKoRoKoKoThere were plenty of recycled fashion stores, one in particular that I loved was called KoKoRoKoKo. I talked to Ross in there for awhile, he turned out to be a wealth of knowledge about picking and selling vintage clothes. The store had a lot a flare- obviously great taste for 80’s and 90’s gear. I enjoyed finding out about everything he has learned in his time on the scene.

After a weekend of walking, riding trains and taxis, and eating  delicious food I caught my flight back and promptly got to bed.

Thanks for everything, Chicago!
I hope to see you again soon.airplane


Bethany and Rhetorical Factory
May 14, 2012


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Greensboro this Sunday!

Join us in Greensboro for the Hand to Hand Market at the Blind Tiger

Sunday, May 20th from 1-6

Let your friends in Greensboro know about this awesome opportunity to get into some one of a kind clothing they can't find anywhere else!!


March 27, 2012


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Wholesale Road Trip

We are taking it out of town!! This weekend we will be hanging it up style with the Doo Nanny Festival in Seale, Alabama and taking the loooong way home.

Here are the cities we plan on checking out, and hopefully finding awesome, hip stores to share Rhetorical Factory with! Please let me  know if you have any connections you'd be willing to share in these places, as well as favorite stores or neighborhoods.

(Owner Bethany Adams rhetoricalfactory@gmail.com)

The Rhetorical Recycled Revolution...

Columbus, GA

Atlanta, GA

Decatur, GA

Athens, GA

August, GA

Columbia, SC

Florence, SC

Wilmington, NC

Raleigh, NC

Durham, NC

Chapel Hill, NC

Greensboro, NC

Winston-Salem, NC

Charlotte, NC

Hickory, NC

View 3/30/12 Wholesale Road Trip in a larger map

March 23, 2011


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Black Mountain

It's been a sunny blustery day in Black Mountain

Ander (of tangle) brought me along while she works at Black Mountain Yarn Shop and in a matter of minutes I'll join in on a knitting class she is teaching! Cable knitting to be exact.

The four hours I had to kill died quickly and painlessly. I stopped in at Head to Toe where I've got some of my scrappy cuffs and arm warmers for sale. We schemed up a few exciting project ideas for this spring and summer. I don't want to spill the beans before their boiled, but think hair wear and waist accessories....

I've been meaning to go to Acoustic Corner to pick up some rosin for my viola. I've taken an interest in old-time music lately, I'd love to be able to jam traditional style and maybe even hop up on the stage at Jack of the Wood on a wednesday or thursday evening (if I can learn enough tunes to merit free beer, I'll consider it a worthy investment). So I stopped in to check out what they had in the way of song books, I expect to pick up  a fiddle-for-viola songbook in the next couple weeks. Hopefully I'll have some new wears for Head to Toe by then and I can kill multiple birds with one stone.

Yep it's been a fine day, I really started to feel cozy in this town at the sight of my buddy Michael unicycling outside the dripolator.