What are lofty goals?

I'm about to explain what lofty goals are, and why they are useful. 

Let's break it down. We all know what goals are, the interesting word in there is "lofty". What does lofty mean?
Well to simplify, it means "elevated", but the word is used in a few different ways. Depending solely on the connotation, "lofty" can mean noble, haughty, unrealistic, optimistic and even esoteric.

What's so great is how much the word gives away about the person who is using it. Sometimes people call a goal "lofty" to indicate that the concept is great, but unreachable. This use of the term reveals some very dark pessimism, a form of torture. The thinker goes so far as to conceive of something better than ever imagined, not only that, they frame the concept as a goal. But when the thinker or someone they've shared their idea with calls it "lofty", it is the same as saying "as if". Harsh!
Each of us has an optimist and a pessimist in us. The side that is day dreaming up a better world, and the side that tells us all the reasons it will never happen. Using both of those sides in perfect balance is an excellent way to forge a path. All you have to do is imagine a brighter future, then let the pessimist point out all the ways it may not work. Don't stop there, kick that optimist back into gear and find a way around each of those challenges. This is the thought process that leads to manifestation. The light and dark need to work together for success to be sustainable. Ignoring the pessimist is just as bad as ignoring the optimist.
Lofty day dreams will help us soar, relieve stress, enjoy the moment, appreciate success. Goals ground us, give us something to struggle with, something to stray from and return to. To make a dream into a goal is to take ownership, to embrace the possibility that the dream might come true. This is the trickiest part of making lofty goals reality- feeling worthy of all the best. 
Remember that there is enough for everyone. Another's success does not mean your failure. You aren't taking away from anyone else when your needs are met. You won't be spoiled by luxury as long as you remember what you did to earn it, and that everyone deserves it. When you accept yourself and your lofty goals as real, you actually improve the lives of everyone around you because you have tapped into your own source, and become a resource.
In summary, lofty goals are goals that are set beyond what is currently conceivable. A lofty goal is not unrealistic; it's idealistic. What a lofty goal does for an endeavor is to set the tone and create a cohesive movement toward a positive future. It identifies success. I know from experience that allowing yourself to be idealistic about your future and set really specific outlandish goals works. After all, you're going to go through life one way or another. Why not create the possibility that one day you will look down and realize that you are actually hang gliding with the love of your life over the 55 acres you just bought in eastern Poland? What's stopping you from falling asleep stargazing in your backyard with every single person in your neighborhood? Isn't it fun to at least imagine Oprah telling the world how lofty goals changed her life? 
Lofty Goals....have them!

Bethany Adams
Bethany Adams


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