September 18, 2010


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September 16, 2010


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Lexington Avenue Arts Festival

was a great success!

So much life and entertainment! So many wonderful neighbors! Amazing art, music, food and beer.

No bored faces whatsoever.

Critter, our next door neighbor makes HOT feathered earrings. We had such a beautiful flow going on!


The day went by fast talking to the many delightful humans who stopped by the booth,

We had good laughs trying on lenseless glasses a.k.a. Rhetorical Vision


Thanks so much for your support lovelies!

September 15, 2010



Hand Printed Vintage Ties - Available at 444 Gallery on Haywood Road View full article →
September 09, 2010


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The Sun is not Yellow, it's Chicken

It's a sad day when our news all sounds the same. When no news is good news. It's sad when all news isn't news, it's psychobabble meant to stir us up.

We can burn Korans, and divide our communities. We can talk about it (without even doing it) and divide the world. I want you to think about the nature of what you are hearing, and think about what it does to the way you think.

Debacle over a proposed action is not news. Action is news. We can see a difference between news and propaganda by deciding whether what they are talking about is an appeal to our rationality, or our emotions.

An act as despicable and hateful has no place in our consciousness, so forget you even heard about it. The best way to stay united on a global scale is to ignore the Ugly and support each other with trust in a Human Family.

It's easier to destroy than to create. Empower the cowards.

September 04, 2010


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Ready for LAAF

Wow I'm actually ready!!!

Of course there could always be more sweet dresses... or a few extra handbags....

but that's of no concern now! We are ready to rock and roll for REAL, I practiced our set up and it's just great, over flowing. I'm gonna sleep at least five hours tonight and tomorrow we will be on Lexington Avenue crankin' it out Factory style.

I'm so thankful for all the support, what good is a realized dream without friends to share it with?

I must say my cup runneth over

see you  tomorrow!

August 28, 2010


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scootin' along

Smiley's Flea Market with my good friend this morning! It was easy to get lost.

During the past week I've been sewing a lot, making some warm accessories for Fall. Summer always zips by, doesn't it? Maybe we could lobby for a second one this year.

I also dug out my vintage fabric for some fun Notebooks, bags, and handkerchiefs.

So I'm getting all ready to roll! come check out my booth at L.A.A.F. September 5th on Lexington Avenue!

August 17, 2010


Hello world!

Cheers to the Start of a New Era!

Today is day #3 of a 6am - midnight working schedule

Because I just Can't Keep Myself Away!

I've been making these amazing vintage skirts with a new and COMFY waistband:

I am having such a hard time not putting them straight in my own closet.

(Some of them Even have pockets)

Why Rhetorical? I ask mySelf this question, because I'm not sure of the answer! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to create usable art. I would come home straight from school, turn on The Magic School Bus,  and work at an assembly line of fimo pilgrim earrings. Oh I would give these away, sell them to teachers at my school, and eventually I began to dream... of seeing a stranger wearing something I made. How could I prove that the piece was made by me?  I realized I needed a mark.

But the mark didn't come for a long, long time.

After several years of philosiphizing on the matter, I decided that I didn't need a mark. It felt selfish to brand each piece with my own name or symbol. I came to the belief that Art exists Outside it's creator, to be interpreted by whoever  chooses to look upon it, and no one else. A golden two-way relationship, no third-party-credit-claimer necessary.


became my symbol, and from thin air, a name.


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