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There was a time when my life was consumed by my small business. As opportunities multiplied the potential became crushing. I needed the right person to tell me what to do! I wanted an outsider's perspective on my organization, my situation.

I didn't find anyone who could help me in that way. So, I developed my own system for choosing how to spend my time productively. A big part of this process was figuring out what I wanted from life. Honestly, it's working; I'm happy.

I offer my tools and my perspective to people like you who want to make the most of your gifts and find security. To strive for more and be content with what you have at the same time. You probably want success in your personal and professional life to be more effortless.

Bethany Adams
A "Lofty Goals Meeting" is where we meet on a one-on-one call to help you make a certain decision or map out a plan for a goal. This could be for making home life function more smoothly, or scaling up your thriving business. A single session lasts about 45 minutes and costs $75.

For ongoing coaching, you can subscribe to Lofty Goals Sessions. This allows me to be part of your support network; every time we connect I can hold that space for what you've identified as your lofty goal. I love the opportunity to give perspective to people like you who accomplish so much.

Email me if you have questions about purchasing a Lofty Goals Meeting.

When you combine a Lofty Goals Meeting with the Lofty Goals Workbook you'll get an extra opportunity to work with me for free before our session! When you schedule the meeting let me know that you've purchased the workbook.

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